Over time, our skin loses its' natural ability to bounce back like it used to.

The once organic production of collagen and elastin lessens, and eventually deep dynamic lines leave a lasting impression on our skin. Anti-wrinkle treatments work to protect your skin from visible creases caused by repeated motion and muscle contractions.

Our aesthetic doctors are highly trained in the art and science of cosmetic beauty and work with your genetic make-up to carefully tailor a treatment plan that is unique to you.

Armed with a secret formula, Botulinum Toxin A, our specialists carefully intercept the signals of age beneath the surface of the skin, alleviating any unnecessary stress. The procedure is simple, quick with minimal discomfort. Within one to two weeks, you should notice a reduction in your wrinkles, leaving you with a smooth appearance and restoring your smile.




This non-surgical procedure involves a small number of tiny injections of a purified protein treatment that relaxes targeted facial muscles and temporarily softening visible lines.

Following initial assessment to check suitability for the treatment, your face will be strategically mapped. Our skincare professionals will work with you to determine the most appropriate treatment that will yield the best results.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are temporary, with effects lasting approximately three to four months.

We offer the following treatments:

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

  • Forehead - Reduce horizontal lines

  • Frown - Reduce vertical lines between eyebrows

  • Eyes - Alleviate fine lines around the eyes, commonly known as, ‘crows feet’ or ‘smile lines’

  • Nose - Erase fine diagonal lines on the bridge of your nose otherwise referred to as ‘bunny lines’

  • Brow - Straighten out uneven or asymmetrical brows, increasing symmetry or a opt for a simple brow lift

  • Peri-oral - Treat vertical lines that appear around your lips

  • Jawline - A popular treatment for bruxism/ teeth grinding. Soften your look or restore definition by reshaping the lower jaw area.

  • Gummy smile - Relax the elevation of your upper lip to reveal less of your gums when smiling

  • Chin - Smooth the line between the bottom lip and the chin arch

  • Neck - Soften platysmal neck bands

  • Underarms - Effective for excessive underarm sweating/ hyperhidrosis